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Posted by TorbinCrow - 1 day ago

Not every single thing in history of ever needs to have fifty pride flags shoved down its throat. Change my mind if you can.

Posted by TorbinCrow - 1 day ago

People are always sucking Kirby's dick by calling him the strongest Nintendo character, simply because of the sole fact he fights gods in his dreamy world on a daily basis.

Well listen here smartass, have you seen MARIO fight a god before? Cuz I haven't. But I'm very certain that if he were allowed to fight a god, he would win. Dude picked up a heavy ass castle and destroyed it effortlessly, plus he survived breathing in space and fighting a demonic turtle who can literally survive being thrown AT THE SUN. I'm pretty sure he could clap Kirby's cheeks with just his pinkie.

That's not to mention every other video game character, such as the average RPG protagonist (Always fights a god as the final boss), Sonic (Survived equivalent of black hole, fights god-like entities and can become Super), and many, MANY more. Kirby is literally a speck compared to them, and I mean that in a CANONICAL sense.

What're you gonna do now, Kirby simps?


Posted by TorbinCrow - 5 days ago

Stealing art is not good. If you're going to reupload someone else's art that's not yours, at least ask them in advance, or give them credit even. It's not cool to make something look like it belongs to you when it doesn't.

Another word of advice is drawing your own creations instead of reuploading the works of others. The best way to gather attention is by being no one but yourself, and to do that you must learn how to create your own drawings.

Posted by TorbinCrow - 6 days ago

the more you complain about something i've drawn, the more i'll draw of it

it's called strength by infamy

Posted by TorbinCrow - 9 days ago

People with a IQ above room temperature, they are epic

Posted by TorbinCrow - 11 days ago

And then they'll try to cancel the artist because "fnf is for kids". We live in a society amongst these monkey-brained failed abortions, people. Tread carefully.


Posted by TorbinCrow - 13 days ago

To whoever did that to her, congratulations! You caused me to become a witness that will likely end up in court. Fuck you.

Posted by TorbinCrow - 2 weeks ago

and of course, just like allister, it got people confused into thinking the femboy is a chick, causing them to draw him with fat tits

Posted by TorbinCrow - 2 weeks ago

Sonic, Tails and Knuckles.

Fuck you.

Posted by TorbinCrow - 2 weeks ago

Me simply enjoying the game without even noticing the slightly off pixel in that tree